January 2009


Finally this website is ready and uploaded, which gives me a versitile opportunity to share my work with all interested publishers and friends.
The Gallery section, divided into six parts, contains all the major work, that was completed on recent comissions for various publishing houses.

If you have any suggestions regarding this website, please, do not hesitate to contact me personally: the address is easy to find within the site. All messages and comments are welcome!

Sincerely, Anton Lomaev


Announcement for book publishers

Ankündigung für die Buchverleger

L'annonce pour les éditeurs

Please be informed that almost all rights for my illustrated books could be purchased. All of them are completely ready for publishing and already found their publishers for Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian languages. Please feel free to contact me if you see of interest to publish them in other countries. I will be glad to answer to all your questions.


I apologize for not showing a full English version of my website, which seems to be a little more completed I thought before.   For that you could easily use Google translation, or contact me directly if any questions.

Winter 2009-2010

My experience illustrating Sherlock Holmes had an unexpected continuation. Oleg Pogodin, company Park Production, asked me to make some sketches to the new serial film and judging to what I know (and I wont tell to anybody) about this project, this film promises to become a luminous event.

Besides that, this winter I have been occupied also with usual book affairs. The Ugly Duckling slowly grows up. New book covers with my illustrations has appeared, such as As I caught little men B. Zhitkova, James Kervuda's Kazanas son, Sergey Dovlatov's Branch, Nikola Tesla. A portrait among masks Vladimir Pishtalo. In Azbukas Small collected works I have drawn portraits of Marquis de Sade and Bronte sisters.

Unfortunately, The Wild Swans is stocked at the publishing house, but hopefully now I can say that will come soon, in March. It will appear not absolutely as in my website. The format is changed a little and the most important thing, the cover, is totally changed.

November December 2009

Website has been updated.

In main its maintenance has remained the same, only in some sections I took away what now seams to me was superfluous or repeated already existing material. Main changes concerned the design. This new version seems to me more convenient in website search and movement inside it and the most important thing, easier visual perception. I would be very grateful, if you could let me know your opinion about this new website version.

In the section Children's book has appeared my two latest works: Wild swans and The Ugly Duckling. The first book is already finished and actually Im working on the second one. Usually, I do not show yet finished book, but for this time I decided to make an exception of this rule of mine. So, periodically, in the empty places will be added new pages of this tale.

April 27, 2009

At last was printed "The Brave Tin Soldier". Long he pined in figures, but on 27th of April, I witnessed how it was printed in paper. Some photos from the event place you could see HERE.


February 20, 2009

Publishing house "Classic-Azbooka" published G.H. Andersen's fairy tale "The little Mermaid" with my own design and illustrations.

January 2009

Russian translation of O' Henry's "Christmas Surprise" illustrated by Anton Lomaev was published by "Azbuka Klassika" (ABC Classics) and now available in the bookstores.

Those who know my family, will easily recognize the models for this illustration.